Amway - Specific Terms for ABOs’ Personal Retail Website or Members Plus’ Personal Page

In addition to the general "Website Terms of Use", specific terms apply to ABOs/Members Plus on how to use their Personal Retail Website (for ABOs) or Personal Page (for Members Plus) (the “Personalized Section”) on Further information on how to set up a Personalized Section is available here.

1. Presenting yourself and your Amway Business/ Your Personalized Section

The Personalized Section offers you the opportunity to present your Amway Business to a selected audience.

You are solely responsible for ensuring that all information and materials you post on your Personalized Section (“Personalized Content”) comply with (i) the Amway Rules of Conduct (ii) the Amway Policies and (iii) all applicable laws and regulations, including without limitation intellectual property, e-commerce, data protection, marketing and online distance selling laws.

2. Responsibility for Personalized Content

Amway does not generally monitor any Personalized Content and disclaims any liability and responsibility for any Personalized Content. However, Amway reserves the right to review, delete, block or amend the Personalized Content at all times, for justified reasons and without prior notice to the ABO/Member Plus.

You agree to indemnify, defend and hold Amway and its affiliates harmless from any liability or loss, related to either your violation of these Terms or your use of your Personalized Section.

3. Use of ABO "Personalized Shops" for AMWAY products and services

ABOs may use their Personalized Section to provide their customers (the “Customers”) with information as well as a platform to order Amway products and services on (the “Personalized Shop”) . Please note that Personalized Shops are not available for Members Plus.

Any information on Amway products and services that you provide in your Personalized Shop must be consistent with official Amway information, which may not be altered without Amway’s prior written authorization.

When you log in on you will be informed of all Customer requests that have been submitted through your Personalized Shop.
Amway recommends to contact your Customer(s) within a reasonable timeframe and provide a binding offer with regard to the products or services he/she placed in his/her online shopping basket. This offer should at a minimum include the following information:

(a) the exact name of the products or services requested by your Customer;
(b) the exact price of the products in the applicable currency;
(c) the amount of products or services requested;
(d) the total amount of the order including all price components (e.g., price of the product(s) or service(s), applicable taxes such as VAT, the delivery fee, etc).
(e) details with regard to payment and delivery.

You may be legally required to provide your Customer with information on some of his/her consumer rights in writing, e.g. the right to withdraw from the order within a certain a period of time (based on applicable laws) and other information such as your full name and address, contact details, information on your company etc.

Please note: the order(s) of your Customer will not be submitted to Amway directly. It is your sole responsibility to process the order(s) and deliver the products or services to your Customers.